About Us

Who we are:
ModVisor (the short name of Modelling Advisor) is an innovative solution provider for all your financial modelling needs. A start-up, with the aim to be a one stop solution for everyone dealing with spreadsheet in day to day business. We aim to make your life easy, by customising the spreadsheets and financial models to make it more transparent and flexible to use. The models we deliver are well structured and therefore sustainable.
With an extensive experience in the field of financial modelling, the Founder & CEO, Mr. Devasheesh Pant has a vision to provide the tailored spreadsheets to the clients, so that it becomes easy to use. He thinks that spreadsheet’s potential is yet to be explored in different fields in addition to the existing corporate users. Only, if people can be educated towards the use of spreadsheet in day to day business, it can be game changer for all the business.
So, be it a small or a big task, be it a Project Finance or a Corporate Reporting model, be it a commercial deal or a technical model, if it has anything to do with spreadsheet – Modvisor is your solution.

Where we are:
In today’s world, where nothing is restricted by the geographies and physical presence of the corporate or an individual, we believe that work can be delivered better from a calm and a peaceful location. We are headquartered in one of the beautiful geographies of India and situated in the lap of Himalayas – Pithoragarh, a district which shares its boundary with three countries: Nepal, China and Tibet. The location not only gives us a calm and composed atmosphere to focus and deliver, but also rejuvenates us time to time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading consulting firm operating worldwide. Our success is measured by the value we deliver to clients, the quality of the staff we employ, and our strength and spirit as a firm.

Our Mission

To help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people

Core Values

Building the financial models Upgrading/Updating and Maintaining the existing financial models Model Review Delivering the personalised in-house training to an individual or to a corporate team